Thursday, March 25, 2010

there's a brilliant day beneath the dust

thursday morning started with me feeling tres frazzled. (nothing huge -- just the things of daily life on my plate -- thrifty chicks listings to sort, writing to do, and the tempting sander for the floors i borrowed yesterday -- did a test patch in the hallway last night -- can tell already it's going to be both messy and addicting), come over now if you want to feel better about your house. this one is not company ready beyond the front door ;)

so glad i took the couple hours out of my morning to dish with the fabulous LF girls about the things that really matter -- can't imagine a more relaxing start to thursdays (once i got over being late on the day it was my turn to pick out songs. included morning has broken in the playlist to get my blood pressure back down ;)

now on to the rest of the day. think i will take a cue from little c and eat some chocolate chip cookies (slap organic on anything and i will feel better about eating it -- total victim of marketing) with my apple juice in some pretty crystal.

don't estimate the power of practical bling to flash up your day. (thanks for mine, monica) :)
PS. if you are a blogger who wants to win a $100 GC to target, check out this call for bloggers to answer questionnaires. this girl is doing her thesis on the blogosphere


  1. I also am glad you took a few hours out of your busy day to connect with your LF ladies :) Always love your attitude and have a holy jealousy of your contentment :) God bless!

  2. I'm liking the Dave Matthews playing. Takes me back to college days.

    You are making chocolate chip cookies and apple juice look amazing! I do have a bag of choc chips in my pantry. Who needs the rest?

    (Okay, I do.)


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