Friday, March 19, 2010

a bit of fridge art ♥

such a sweet family on the fridge courtesy of our five year old. it's been up there for days and when it went up i did a head count and saw 5. {(he produces a lot of art, ok? ;) -- like when i was on the phone with britt the other day and heard a loud crash from his upstairs room and went upstairs terrified so was tres relieved to find it was only him falling off a small stepladder while creating his mural masterpiece -- 27 balloons of varying sizes -- all with adorable faces. i'm not looking a gift horse in the mouth -- he was very quiet for that creating space of time.}
so this morning, i went for my morning coffee cream and really saw the fridge art -- let's analyze it together --

can you tell who the fun parent is and who the disciplarian is (we call her the heavy, because even though her heart is on her chest and she is wearing fab heels, she is much bigger than her parenting partner who looks like a hipper, slightly bigger version of his son -- matching wardrobes, identical hair ;) i also love how little c is the centre of our universe with his brothers no where in sight and a fantasy pet to the left.

go check your fridge art right now. you might have missed something really funny. let me know, ok? :)

post script: have given up on writing for the last two days of spring break, 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. has its debut fashion show tonight. so pysched. will update you with its playout details this weekend.


  1. so cute the way they see the world. Have an awsome time tonight I am so sad I am working!! when you first posted about it I went straight for my calander.. but I was booked so you are out a model!!

  2. Sarah8:32 PM

    Aww Super Cute! Miss A Drew a picture at the resterant we went to the other night made me laugh. It was her on her dads shoulders and she was holding hands with me. I asked where H was and she replies, "Ummmm, I think she is at Grandma's."

  3. sarah8:36 PM


  4. Aww that is so cute~ I love how you have a big heart!!!

    I Love to analyze Josh's art:)

  5. such an adorable and funny post.
    have fun thrifting!


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