Monday, February 01, 2010

what is normal, anyway?

there is no average writing day for me.
i am either drawn to or force myself to the keyboard, then exhaust myself, then get distracted, make lists, do chores, get excited about a new scene or story, work on it, do an errand. (the lists keep the running around to a minimum or i wouldn't get a thing done) the to-do list (now that house rearranging and paint trim application have taken their bit out of my day) can stay on the paper til the kids get home. (it's much easier to do chores and errands with them than it is to string sentences together -- either the writing is bad or my mothering is ;) get a lot of "you never listen" it reminds me of when my mom would call me when i was engrossed in a book as a child. the beauty of being lost in a story is still gold to me.
speaking of which, i might have to walk to get some books when the kids get home. i need something new to add to the distractions list.

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  1. Normal is just a setting on your dryer, right?


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