Thursday, February 18, 2010

sometimes d is right

amazing 15 degrees today. can't believe the winter olympics are happening an hour away from here. finally getting into watching (from my couch) and Canadian medal counting. (not to brag or anything cuz that wouldn't be very Canadian ;) you'd think i'd be more into it. the torch did go right past our house last week (it was so cool -- another reason to ♥ living right downtown. makes up for my prissiest friends needing a midnight escort to their cars, bless their hearts ;)

getting kicked off the computer by the resident club penguin addict. (down to one with the dining room reconstruction needed for the valentine's day dinner) starting to see d's wisdom in having a trillion computers networked and taking over the eating space (but don't tell him i said so ;)

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  1. I live with a Club Penguin addict to, as well as a Facebook addict, and a one. Time to get a laptop.


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