Saturday, February 27, 2010

open call for WWE wannabes

i'm down to one kidlet (the two oldest are winter camping with their cadets group) and he is driving me crazy. it turns out that their constant brother on brother dog pile wrestling is conducive to actually getting any writing done. this i will remind d of, when we are both getting sick of separating the boys in their wild animal play.

this morning's blogging and submission done (only by way of sacrificing the house's semblance of order) i am going to ignore it and head over to coffee with my mom and sisters (i'm sure there will be a cousin willing to wrestle mini C)

feel free to forward your tips on fast track housekeeping and kid occupation to accommodate writing later.
late saturday postscript: ok, they're home and i'm thankful. i guess they really do need each other to make their days go right. (which is d and i's favorite thing about them -- how close {tho not in age} they all are.
sweet pic from olympic outing -- shopping mall turned igloo in the background

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