Monday, February 01, 2010

now that the school bus is almost here

it was a weekend that started off fiercely fast paced, but then ground down to a slow mellow sickie laze after skiing a full day on four hours of sleep (insert not smart comments here ;)
but it was good overall, (super sweet to see middle guy R get more confident on his board) much improved by sister dropping by to coffee and d cooking a fab sunday dinner (roast beef and gravy, wild rice, and salad -- i know, he impresses me too!)
it's now monday morning which means making writing notes in the middle of the flour and sugar debris of last minute lunch baking. (ok, and those dishes i ignored to watch a movie with d instead ;) i will think of you and jot a few lines on your monday morning hustle as well. i'm sure there's a story i can drop them in somewhere. have any details to share with me?


love to hear from you :)