Wednesday, February 17, 2010

mornings are good when they start with coffee and a little shopping

my fellow thrifty chick came over this morning, timmies in hand, for a morning of posting new items and making sales and then we went to pick up a fabulous retail rack for our local fashion show later in march. (paid for with the morning's sales receipts -- thank you 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. customers :) and took a moment to get a few more cute can't resist them things.

we had to get a shot of our glee with purchase. i told britt to stop with her teeth whitening as she is blinding our customers ;) (plus it makes her coffee swilling friends look bad)
on to writing and submitting and finishing the non shopping to do list.
adorable DIY polaroids here

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  1. Personally, I LOVE coffee teeth. Because I have them.

    Thanks for sharing on my blog today. We're both miracles, aren't we? Cool.


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