Monday, February 15, 2010

it's rare when these things align

a day off for all.
d and i are not working and the kids have a pro-D day. we celebrated by sleeping in (me to 8 when i was charmed awake by child #1 bringing me a reheated coffee from yesterday's pot -- he wanted to brew a new one, but i fear for my source of daily vivre's life so i nixed it ;) controlling, i know) and then d til 10 (i finished a fluff read in the meantime -- love/hate how with those books you can skip whole pages and not miss a thing -- it's good to read them fast before they affect the writing that comes out of me)

i plan to submit at least one thing today (the beauty of writing is that it doesn't feel like it qualifies as work) after i tackle laundry and our library trip and another kiddie birthday party.

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