Wednesday, February 10, 2010

focus focus focus

i am typing with many ideas in my head, but mis-spelling them all and giving thanks for spell check and craving an open mike night somewhere (to listen -- not to sing -- i do not karaoke unless thoroughly provoked ;) i know it's only 8:21am but it's 1:22 am in japan (so someone there could be singing to her friends) i hope so.

so many other more pressing things to do, but i am going to fight d over the coffee station and then create a new playlist cuz i'm sick of the one i have.
cutie cat picture (at the risk of becoming a cat lady with enough pictures for a coffee table book destined for a clearance bin) from monday after school when i was sewing up boxers and dishtowels (don't be impressed -- they're going to fall apart in the wash ;)

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  1. Your cat is like "best supporting actor" of your blog. I like how she's always appearing in your photos!


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