Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the flaming grail

went with my cousin stef and our collective four kids to vancouver's waterfront today to see the olympic cauldron. yeah, you should go.
from the coffee backpack guy giving out free caffeine doses to ease the wait lines (not too bad at all, but we stayed away from the obvious hour absorbers like the ziplining across robson street -- kid free i might wait around, but in current mommy circumstances, i am not a sucker for punishment) to the amazing things to see -- all that walking and time passed by quickly. and because we are such directionally challenged nice mommies, we let the kids ride and get off and then on and then ride many a skytrain (once when we stayed on too long and it started backing up, another time when we got on a platform too high, once...) finally someone's sweet grandmother pretty much led us like a group of kindergarteners off the train to another transfer and then headed back to her own. "she had time," she said, but i think she was terrified of the alternative. ;) sweet, sweet lady.
if you're going, i'm going to recommend driving into the renfrew station (only 1 zone to travel and $5 all day parking adjacent and free hot chocolate at day's end) and make a pit stop at true value vintage clothing on robson (adorable underground shop full of vintage dress-up clothes, make-up cases, and funny little tees)


  1. Anonymous12:36 AM

    I am glad you guys went and had fun. I can picture the directionally challenged sky train moments, but I completely understand, and I can not imagine taking 4 kids and trying to get on the right train. :)

  2. Okay, so the past couple weeks I've been refraining from making any comments like, "Are you going to the Olympics?" because I didn't want to sound ignorant. Like I know Canada's a big place, you know?

    But, seeing the Olympic Cauldron sounds great!

    Did this comment even make sense? Sadly, I think not. I need coffee.

  3. Fun Fun.. I can not imagine downtown with 4 kids, but I am sure you had a blast. and great times with transit!! I know that coming from a place where I have never took transit in my life it is always a bit of an adventure going into the city


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