Friday, January 15, 2010

sweets all over

on target with january writing projections so must stop self from making them bigger for next month (natural inclination) and just enjoy ;)
last night paired a coffee syrup from my stash of such things in my coffee station (which due to various appliances, handy brewing tools, and add-ons takes up 1/3 of my available kitchen counter space so it only makes sense coffee would enter the rest of my food prep) with a carrot muffin recipe (ok, i made it up, but should have followed a recipe as the flour to carrot ratio landed up being 1:3 )-- veerrryyy wholesome muffins. lol. but family is eating them and i no longer have too many bags of baby carrots in the fridge so i'm considering it a success.
if you have gingerbread syrup kicking around, pour some in your next carrot cake -- super delish
reading the most hilarious book purchased at the library the other day on their used shelf once i realized i was at the kindergarten class's fieldtrip a week ahead of time ;) so handy how well my mistakes work out (the key is to pretend you meant to do it like that) tagline on the book reads "nell and charlotte would be perfect mothers, if it weren't for the children". instantly knew i would like it. so good that i can't wait to pass it on and i'm only 40 pages in. i've guffawed and nearly spit out coffee about a million times already.

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  1. ~Sharilyn12:52 PM

    Sounds like a good book Michelle - even the tag line makes me laugh :)
    And good for you making up a recipe - i don't think I would dare - HATE failure :)
    Have a good weekend!!!


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