Saturday, January 16, 2010

saturday sweet saturday

e-mailed most recent story to friend ett who loved it. (at least that's what she said cuz she's my friend ;) but i was hoping that was her reaction b/c i hearted it too.
now to go back and finish the one i was so enthusiastic about over new year's. good plotline, choppy execution so far.
will let you know when they've successfully landed on the right editor's desk and found a home.

today is a sunshiney day so everyone and their dog is out doing errands (which is why i scuttled home after the most abbreviated version of mine) fortifying myself with a fabulous read i'm working on before i do my around the house chores. (perhaps in the sunroom) those of you who know my house understand the need for italics -- it is in truth a beautifully windowed sun cubicle ;)

6:45 pm post script:

laughing because my silly little nine-year-old is drafting up a power point presentation to amuse himself based on a fat cow pic he found online. amidst the funny nine year old material (cows poop, sleep, eat) is a reference to growth hormones which is the part i was laughing at. i promise i didn't make him read the omnivore's dilemma. ;)
luckily we had chicken (burgers) for dinner.

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