Sunday, January 24, 2010

moving day for the playmobile man

it's no secret i love cardboard crafts. it's a mix between a versatile available resource and a constant demand for new things to do at the VDP house. when bored, make something. little c and i made a new habitat for his playmobile man (pictured hanging from the tire swing fashioned out of a quickly dismantled perfectly good toy truck so not sure we're saving any money here ;) but it was an ingenius 5 year old plan so in the name of nurturing creativity, it made sense to let it go. (plus in the time it takes him to fix it later, i could be typing an awful lot of words) the beauty of this construction (including furniture) is it requires only cutting and folding (no gluing) a good thing, because he doesn't do well with limits on glue either
looking forward to my early AM writing and follow up Britt's b-day celebratory out of town jaunt tommorow.

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