Thursday, January 21, 2010

imperfect crafting = brain rest

i had grabbed one of my long laundry room curtains for my closet and then in a fit of making do hacked off the bottom of the one remaining one and thumbtacked it to the other side. (no one can accuse me of being a perfectionist ;) i had adorable gardening theme material that i had used before i thought of the hacking scheme, three windows to cover and one side of the curtains missing hanging tabs. to complete the room without shopping, i pulled out my sewing machine (for skill level think C in home ec when everyone else was pulling an easy A ;)

steps for the interested:

1. cut off tabs to match both sides
2. hemmed both
3. adding ribbon tabs from ribbon spool in my scrapbooking supplies
4. sewed quick garden curtain for sunroom door and added unfolded curtain tabs to bottom to tie in the color scheme.
5. finished wallpapering
6. worked some more on distressed-look black trim
7. hung up 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. sourced bulletin board (perfect fit) -- still going to trim edge with black gingham ribbon

when i was mid wallpaper, i heard a little herd of elephants come in the house and i vaguely recalled middle schooler previously saying "my friends need to come over to make a video for school".
ha ha

not a total work loss day -- going to do some freelance editing tonight after the kiddies go to sleep.

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