Monday, January 11, 2010

if you can't beat a rainy day you might as well buy yourself a new pair of pjamas

BC = rain and today is super producing it. according to the radio weathergirl informing me on the errands i was doing, it's here all week. i like dressing up for errands (and when i don't i like my all purpose wool jacket which covers up whatever hideousness i hide under it)
today i got dressed. had to visit gwen at the powder room to get my eyebrows all prettied and she always looks cute. but the rain had other plans for my look. when you're on the cusp of petite pants, but you want to pretend you're regular, you end up with soaking wet pant cuffs -- which sort of defeats the houndstooth and ballet flat chic i was trying for ;) no matter -- i'm sure they didn't notice the squish squashing all over the store floor.
good news tho -- super cute and super-saley pj pants called me on the way out. add a short stop at starbucks (my new syrup pump makes me feel like a barrista) and i am all set to write the day away. yeah, i barely closed the front door before i changed into my pjs. because i am not about to battle wits with torrential downpour.


  1. Melissa1:00 PM

    lucky pj pants are the's to hoping the rain stops because I am not sure if I can handle a week of inside days. :)

  2. Ooh, love the pjs. Today is the kind of day I like being at my desk writing instead of out fixing pipes or building streets or whatnot.

  3. super cute pjs! and wow was it WET today! and i so totally get you on the wet pants-ugh!!!


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