Friday, January 29, 2010

happy creative friday

got my regular inspiring e-mail from etsy this morning. {in addition to one of those cute questionaires my splurge girlfriends send out regularly asking what you ate for breakfast (3 sugar cookies) and what color socks you are currently wearing (barefoot) }
i toyed with the idea of opening an etsy shop before britt and i came up with the concept of 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. my calendar is now full -- we are planning all sorts of fun stuff coming up (in addition to our shopping nights and our out of town sourcing schedule, we will be putting on a fashion show at a local women's night in march -- check group for details in early february) and my writing is still calling me, but i still ♥ the idea of making things. {smart compromise will probably be make a few things for myself and thrifty chicks and be a shopper at etsy instead}

my fellow thrifty chick and i were talking shop and saw a little store down the road where we could have an adorable shopping experience for our customers with a flower counter for her and a writing desk for me where we could create fuelled by cupcakes all day long -- how perfect would that be? in the meantime, (& our current real world ;) we'll keep growing online.

off to tidy house and get organized for the weekend, writing and list making simultaneously.

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  1. Sometimes I wish I had half of what you have. Have? Yup. Ability to make time for bunch of loved ones, creativity!, ideas for fun family life, relaxed-ness, ability to stretch $1 to about $2.50, confidence. Yup. I like you. I like how you carry yourself and how you blog :) I like that in the last while you've taken time to give me a few kind and inspiring comments. Thanks for who you are. I think you're wonderful.
    Hope that puts a little sunshine in your day.


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