Sunday, January 17, 2010

it would have made a great silent film scene

great sunday til i dropped dresser drawer on my toe mid-afternoon while trying to change out of church clothes and kids were wrestling and otherwise persecuting each other, had a mommy spatz, and then decided we all needed some fresh air (nothing like taking a long walk on what feels like a broken toe to cheer one up ;) it's not -- i can bend it, but had to be like a preschooler and put a band-aid on it even though it wasn't bleeding just because the discoloration grossed me out so bad. am determined not to be deterred from booking pedicure (still from my b-day -- lovely, lovely friends :) appt in the next little while, hideous foot or not.
i'm in the process of finding all food and hiding it into cupboards (cat is due to go in for de-masculinizing surgery tommorow and am traumatized by story i heard last week of a friend's pet eating a biscuit at the last minute and having to post-pone the surgery another week.) no need to delay healing process and money parting any longer or it will just irritate me worse than that toe.
good thing i still have my fab read for a few more pages (don't you hate it when a great book ends?) makes me almost as sad as when i ran out of dark chocolate.


  1. There are few pains as excruciating as toe pain. I've lost track of the number of times I have broken my baby toes.

    It'll make a Christian woman curse any day.

    No lie.

  2. Gomez and I are going to try again tomorrow. He has his manhood for one last day!


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