Thursday, January 28, 2010

the good, the bad, and the ugly

for every time i get discouraged from run-ins with mean girls -- you know, the type who haven't figured out that adult life is not a game playing high school drama (i'm sure you know some too -- who doesn't?;) -- there are many more sweet sweet genuine conversations of depth. (for those i give thanks -- girls like the ones at LF every thursday morning and my fabulous sisters and cousins and close girlfriends i can just let my hair down with)

don't get me wrong -- i am all about the pretty things in life (see example of ridiculous amount of joy garnered from new gift purse to match favorite red shoes + continuing obsession with cupcakes) but i want my best friendships to be about our collective everyday good and bad that run through the cherries on top.

celebrate your best and truest relationships today (or at least take time to send them an e-card;)

in other sweet things to be grateful for -- the way i found middle boy R and his method of falling to sleep last night (D and my version of tucking each other in also includes removing book of the day from the engaged hand and pulling up the covers) and the littlest guy's new library card (he's a one name monikor type ;) which never fails to make me smile when i pull it out and look at it (frequently as he is averaging a trip every half week -- now to not lose any of those library stacks...)

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  1. amen! cheers to good quality friendships being nice to one another.


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