Saturday, January 02, 2010

could you do it? read and find out
i love this article on not shopping for a year. i'm not saying that's my resolution, (my 12x12 paper collection itself will put me over the limit) but it's a good reminder. one of the people quoted in the article said that by not recreational shopping, they simply did more living. i've found that to be true. experiences and do it yourself and repurposing & swapping items will trump most store meandering on the happiness chart.

the boys and i took in the alvin & the chipmunks movie today with friends. sweet show. my favorite part was that it captured the brother ♥ between the three chipmunks. post movie was a speedy paper route, spagetti fixing, family time. D earned himself a gazillion brownie points by playing a long game of monopoly city with the boys -- heroic considering the rule bending 5 year old was there the whole time -- while i took over the kitchen and did some crafting.

i ran some plot lines past socially hostage held party guests on new year's eve with the same reaction every time so am excited to finish up short story #1 on monday. i am all about celebrations and am seriously as bad as retail stores in the rushing of the seasons (i am the wierdo who buys eggnog & mandarin oranges in october) so it only makes sense that i am valentine's day dinner party planning (annual dinner for 10) & that i picked up max and ruby valentine's for my kindergartner today (because he has inherited my weirdness, he is already filling them out ;)

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