Tuesday, January 26, 2010

annoying gushy girl

♥ having kids old enough to bake for tommorow's lunches so i can read instead.
♥ pjs to wear like a super comfy home uniform
♥ soccer practice season starting tommorow so i can exercise, but be in denial of the effort ;)
you know me -- i heart a lot of things so i will cut it off here -- the first three things to come to mind (ok, one more -- mmm, warm biscuits with jam) oh, and this cutie sign that's on my kitchen bulletin board ;) signing off to chase kids to their respective rooms and watch a movie with D. did i mention i ♥ him too? ;)
and the writing i've been doing (love when you read it later and it feels like someone else wrote it -- bizarre but cool)


  1. see you tonight - woohoo to soccer season :)

  2. hi michelle!
    thanks for the comment!

    i followed this great tutorial to get the cute font titles:

    also on amanda's website, she offers all sorts of free fonts to use. i have downloaded a TON over the years. the one i used for my blog is "digs my heart".

    it took me about 30 minutes to change the titles...but i didn't know a thing about html, etc. so if you have ANY experience, it shouldn't take you that long.



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