Friday, January 01, 2010

i'm not making plans to exclude cookies from 2010

fabulous new year's celebrations behind me (pictures to come when D redoes the computer this weekend) and full of things to think about (attended church this morning to open the new year & didn't have to deal with any squirming boys -- thanks to mom for hosting the boys' new year's eve sleepover ♥ she & dad took on squirm watch at their church) i even had some time to read and catch up on news in peace

a sweet girlfriend was talking to me about the goal setting i profess regularly -- a side effect of my listmaker tendancies, expressing a bit of desire for her own sketched out life plan. i told her what i'll tell you -- i've made enough plans to know the ones i have for 2010 may in fact not be the path that my life actually takes -- the trick is to know when to just rest in the course of the bigger picture when life takes a detour.

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