Monday, January 25, 2010

2 thrifty chicks on the loose

friend & business partner britt's b-day and that called for a little shopping trip outside of the city limits. we're not going to tell you all our haunts (for the goods check out 2 thrifty chicks shopping co.) but we will let you drool over the scores. the scoop of the day -- little girl's michael kors flats unbelievably in the single digits! (lucky, ava) we drowned our big girl sorrows (we want some too!) in adorable cupcakes from traceycakes. (yes, this girl is a sugar enabler ;)

upon return -- mini date with D (ok, accompanying him for his hair cut ;) but it involved hand holding and conversation not interrupted by the kids so i'm counting it ;)

when i stop rearranging the house, i will be writing.

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  1. Even a grocery run with my hubby and no kids is considered a date!

    Oh, how our paradigms change, eh?!

    Love the teeny girlie flats! And great tunes, too!


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