Wednesday, December 16, 2009

home exasperating home

i've just invested an hour of lullabies and stories into the little guy and instead of sleeping he is putting another set of Christmas lights on squirrel's house. i guess the seasonal time crunch is hitting us all ;) i've decided to let him fall asleep in the hallway if need be -- i have books to read and words to jot down before tommorow AM's writing session. my writing goes in either spurts of fiction or non -- this month has been a fiction one. do i angst about it? a bit. if it was the other way around would i still? probably.
the article that made it in this month here

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  1. Melissa7:48 AM

    I think he gets his late night antics from his mom who I believe inherited it from her dad. :)
    love Melis


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