Wednesday, December 09, 2009

if there were more than 24 hours in a day i would still hit the snooze button

i ♥ being an artsy fartsy person, but the one drawback seriously has to be the more ideas than time thing. today is no different. got through 1/2 of my writing and craft plans for yesterday and today i've just thought of new things to add to that list. plus i have to reassemble the tree again (good thing we love our cat -- he likes our tree waaaayyy too much -- probably thinks we got him this amazing toy collection ;)

while i was blog hopping this morning, i came across this beautiful little girl who missed her opportunity to go to KG when it became apparent she'd be fighting her brain tumor instead. her parents had this quote to share in their letter (which i can't even type without crying)

"none of this has caught our God off guard"

in the midst of pain the world over, which is overwhelming to think about, it is comforting that He knows we are here (in whatever situation we currently find ourselves in) and that the reason for life here on earth, where tears are plenty, is to help others through situations we have walked through and to share His love in action to bridge where we haven't. look for someone to bless today

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