Thursday, December 10, 2009

i ♥ debris

the good kind -- stacks of writing notes,
cookie crumbs,
dinner party aftermath (fab splurge girls murder mystery dinner last night at jacki's -- amazing event complete with themed food -- beef wellington, mashed potatoes, almond carrots -- so getting hungry thinking about it -- mid-day granola does not cut it compared to comfort food),
scraps of paper post-crafting -- all evidence of time well spent.
i blog scripted in the car wash line up today between morning event and afternoon kiddie Christmas concert matinee because it was that kind of day.
that morning event was more making merry and bright (have i mentioned i love this season? ;)y. the women's group i belong to hosted a seniors' Christmas coffee. when talking about goals for the coming year, one older gentleman said his were going to be happiness and contentment. which i ♥d. (and which idea i am nabbing ;)
the everyday practice of happiness and contentment is so much more than anything quantitative (and so much more fun that agonizing about the lbs to go, the square foot cost of renovations, or the rejection slip tally)

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