Thursday, December 17, 2009

the evils of sugar giveaway

if my mom reads this post, i might be in for a pep talk on the evils of sugar ;) i say yahoo for wakeful sleep because it means i crashed early & slept in til 3:30am and now have all sorts of scribing time. it all started earlier in the week with the bake exchange (hello, almond bars and turtles; good-bye, balanced eating) and then continued with my thrifting acquistion of the year -- the adorable cake pedestal of my dreams (for a quarter!) i kid you not. somehow (because it was waiting for me ;) it got overlooked by shoppers and was in the clearance bin. so now, still delirious from less sleep and more sugar, i am wanting to celebrate by giving away one of my favorite sources of sleep interruption and lack of sleep compensation.
so i'm wondering...
what is your favorite source of sugar?
leave a comment on this post and be entered in to win a $10 starbucks or timmy's gift card. (your choice) random draw (and winner announcement) will be held on saturday morning and the gift card mailed out shortly after that.


  1. I don't use sugar all that much. But I do put honey in my hot tea. So soothing.
    I do bake a lot and well most baking recipes call for sugar.
    msgb245 at gmail dot com

  2. MMM...all things chocolate...did I mention we made chocolates on Saturday? My favorites are the caramels :) Merry Christmas, Michelle!

  3. Sharilyn7:07 AM

    If I am in serious need of coffee, then it must come with lots of cream - to cool it down, and lots of sugar, to make it drinkable ;)

  4. I like my sugar in pure dark or milk chocolate bars! A square or two a day does me right! Also one tsp in my coffee.

  5. Anonymous7:31 AM

    large double double all the way!!
    I have to admit I have a bad habit of sneaking chocolate chips. I buy the huge jumbo size bag of chipits for 'baking' (haha, yeah right), and always seem to get caught by either kids or hubby sneaking a 'few' here and there. :D
    and it must run in the genes, because my oldest daughter who is almost 16, seems to have the same habit as me! needless to say, we seem to go through a lot of chocolate chips around here. We don't even bother to make cookies with them.....too much hassle, just eat 'em straight!! ;)

    Cathy Noordegraaf

  6. Melissa7:46 AM

    mmh...I like sugar in pretty much anything but chocolate would be my fav, I have learned to live without it in my coffee, so that should earn me bonus points. :)
    love Melis

  7. Anonymous9:10 AM

    Dropjies!!! M. Pronk!!!!

  8. Michelle de Raadt9:12 AM

    Mmmmm, love english toffee and french vanilla capachinos from Timmy's, white and milk chocolate, oh, and peppermints/scotch mints! LOL Definitely, love my sweets at this time of the year. One of the reasons why I didn't do the baking exchange! LOL Have a great day, Michelle!

  9. Lately I have been getting my sugar in the form of brown sugar fudge :) Never, ever in my coffee though.

  10. Teresa Kelly11:56 AM

    I cannot live without Tim's French Vanilla Cap.
    I have managed to convince myself that I can live without chocolate, and actually haven't had the urge to go out and buy any this Christmas or eat any thats been given to me.
    I am on a health-kick, trying to lose baby fat, so not too much sweets for me lately...just those blasted FV's!!

  11. hmmm I am going to have to say dark chocolate covered expresso beans... gives me my sugar and caffine fix all in one!!!

  12. Kitchen_witch327:35 PM

    Un-refined natural in my tea! and contraband chocolate of course

  13. Anonymous10:38 PM

    Soooooooo many ways to get sugar fixes....but this time of year....besides fancy coffees.....sugar cookies ! Even in the un-baked form ! teehee !
    ~Suzann Hildebrandt

  14. Ahh, sugar, I can't live without it. It can come in any form and I'll be sure to devour it. Candy by the bag, candy by the roll, chocolates, you name it. I'll have it eaten before you've formed the last letter.
    Thanks for the chance to win a sugar filled FV, Michelle!

  15. Andrea Bleasdale11:05 AM

    Milk Chocolate - in any way, shape or form! Yumm!!

  16. Jocelyn Dekker1:44 PM

    This time of year it is deffinately a peppermint mocha from s'bucks! yum! I think I'll get one this afternoon thinking about it! Merry Christmas Michelle, love the music!

  17. Anonymous9:12 PM

    A while back I discovered a candy - half dropjie half jujube - my life has never been the same! Then there is Lindt chocolate - the darker the better!
    Sandra V


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