Tuesday, December 08, 2009

D withdrawal Tuesday

my query list is long today (getting in the mind set to forge through the envitable rejection letters to articles sold) it's a business of timing, and having the right idea at the right time (my first article sold 9 years ago when someone else's fell through at the last minute, mine was a similar theme, and i could turn it around in under 2 weeks -- not fast for newspaper standards but a second in magazine time where a 3-6 month lead time (how long from concept to newsstand) is relatively short.) my ego is pretty much out of the process by now, but it's all about keeping the ideas coming, energy up, and coffee on. :)
was getting nostalgic for sharing workspace with D 24/7 until i remembered that it wasn't all like yesterday -- lunch date, conversations without the kids' input, lovely lovely quietness (D and i have mastered the art of the comfortable silence -- which was always impressively (and often irritatingly ;) available to him, but to a chatty chick like myself, an acquired skill)

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