Sunday, December 06, 2009

counter culture

i can't say enough about a weekly day of rest. as a kid i often found sundays and their restrictions (church, no shopping, etc) oppressive, but like any grown-up will tell you -- once the sleep they hated (bedtime, worrying out on the missing out on the fun) is now what they crave. sundays are no different. church, puttering around the house with my family, time to read, and leisurely meals -- if things to do pop to mind, i pencil them in on the calendar and even when things are crazy busy (sometimes working at home means it's hard to stay in the moment -- one could always be working instead of whatever else is on the homefront agenda) -- leave things til early monday AM. if you think that sounds stressful, try it and see if it makes a difference for you. i'm pretty sure a day a week of reflection will streamline your priorities and help you accomplish even more than you would without it.

looking for something inspirational to read? read burn survivor Stephanie N's story

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