Tuesday, December 22, 2009

city people and their cats

we've been a farming, country family until a few years ago when D decided to follow the path he'd always wanted to take and become a computer guy. big change. we moved from a big rented house + yard to our first purchase -- a charming old house on a postage size lot smack in the middle of town. so no pets, we thought. maybe a cat. then a little kitten adopted us. and we went where we hadn't gone before. farm pets are not likely to get their own carriers and be brought into a vet to get fussed over unless they're sick. but our new cat is a city cat. so i brought him in, in his borrowed carrier, to the nearby vet and with admonitions not to get sucked in to spending too much, we got the whole kitty wellness deal + some chicken flavored toothpaste and mini cat toothbrush to deal with his bad breath (it does, and he loves it) and how could i not, seeing as he is all cute and teething?

2010 is looking like it might be a focus on the books year -- a non fiction & fiction in particular. will keep you posted :)

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