Friday, November 13, 2009

we grow techies at our house

that's what they do: building, fixing, upgrading, gaming. (ok, it's D but the boys shadow him like it's a constant bring your son to work day) having to haul two generations off the computers (networked together so they can battle empires) in time for dinner. yeah, it's delightful ;) but they all love it
on a surprising note, my grade nine embroidery skills finally came in handy this morning (the need to afix name to kindergarten very hungry caterpillar pillow) it's been a while since i was in gr 9 (to give you a time reference of when that was, my five year old said yesterday " you know mom, like 200 years ago, when you were 9") i don't think he even meant it as a roast. i must be aging rather rapidly because when my middle guy was in grade 1 he only filled in "83" in the how old your mom is line at school.
well, they're off to school and work so the computer is mine, all mine. time to buckle down and write.


  1. Hey Michelle,

    The hanging rack is from pottery barn. They sell it in the baby section, I had gotten it as a gift when #2 was born, and it works great as a paper/book holder. They only come in pastel colors, but you could always dye it.

    Hope you get some writing done today!

  2. I think this tech-lifestyle is def in my future when Ian gets older. He's just like his daddy!!

    Hope you got your writing done!

  3. LOL I see the same with our boys with their hammer and nails :)following James around when he is home. as for your age Michelle you look awesome!!


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