Sunday, November 29, 2009

unapologetic omnivores

if i was a real photographer and did that photo of the day thing people do on flickr, this would be mine for today. i love wrapping up those little white freezer packages of meat. and today while i was making sloppy joes for dinner, i wrapped the rest of the family pack into said neat bundles and was labelling them appropriately lean ground beef when the five year old wanted to co-label. he didn't want to know what to write -- just how to spell it -- "cow". it must be true -- you really can't take the rosedale out of the boy ;)

late night sunday reading on the agenda. i'll be back here typing away tommorow AM.

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  1. LOL - it looks like MOO from here. The whole photo a day thing is a LOT of work :) I am so glad that am 330 photos down and only 35 left to go - woohoo!


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