Thursday, November 19, 2009

presents make the day go better

yesterday my middle boy came home from school and said, "i have something in my bag for you" immediately my mind went to the place of note from the teacher, but it turned out to be something much more pleasant. fellow school mom, blog peruser, and scrapbooker Elizabeth, had sent this little bundle of loveliness. (brads in cute tins.) from her middle boy's backpack to mine just to make my day.
early morning out of town volleyball tournament carpool drop-off cut into am writing (ok, it also had something to do with my late night with the stamp club girls and then tv with D afterwards ;) so it became a one thing after another day (all good) and before i knew it, my friend britt and i were setting up our little facebook store -- 2 thrifty chicks shopping co. -- if you're on FB, check it out.
it's promising to be a laid back night. back to the grind (can you call it that even when you're enjoying it? ;) tommorow

note on Christmas decorating: we did not make it to Dec 1. i'm still trying to restrain but boy 2 and 3 talked boy 1 into helping them set up the tree as i type ;)

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