Monday, November 23, 2009

monday night distraction chain

ok, so walden isn't turning out to be a speed read ;) but engaging all the same. (and providing lots of inspiration and affirmation for my work of non-fiction du jour -- is anyone surprised by my inability to focus on just one writing project at a time -- didn't think so ;) think green with envy meets the pursuit of holiness. can't see them meeting? wait and see...
the coolest thing happened while i was distracted from finishing the dishes, then reading, then checking my son's homework, then kicking him off the computer and reading blogs (see how lack of attention span benefits? ;) i stumbled upon this fabulous fraser valley based felt embellishment maker. i have something in my album i am pretty sure is hers. i bought it as part of an opened package from a scrapbooking garage sale (yes, there are those) and loooovved it and wished i had more. now that i know where to get them you know i will.

here is the page i did before i knew who eve johnson was.

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