Sunday, November 22, 2009

looking for some middle ground

i can't seem to get it spot on. either we are carried away with our schedules and activities and everyone's getting to bed late or like today, i am trying to get everyone to bed and then realize it's only 6pm ;)
i'm sure it's the late dinners that do it, but i won't change them. D works late and it's better, i think, to be eating in the against personal trainer advice eating zone (who are those people who don't eat after 7pm or even worse 4pm?) than to not be eating sit down family dinners.
so it's the before bedtime time slot now and the boys are reading and writing right now. you'd think that'd be quiet, but it's not. i cannot concentrate with my own thoughts with their loud ones circulating (and you know how that irks us edgy writers)
i've used up all the free time alloted to me today by my 5 year old's new to him felt nature boards (adorable vintage set found just this weekend with typed instructions on the back transferred onto felt -- fought the urge to frame them instead of giving them to him to play with) and he's moving on to extreme creative play (think mess and destruction)
after a weekend of school fundraiser, multiple birthday parties, and then hitting the uberfun jeans and gems canadian cancer society with my friend rebecca. (disneyland was calling my friend cindy so i got to use her previously acquired tickets -- i know, fab friend); my house is a wee disaster and i am craving some slow down. i'm trying for the (yes i realize the irony) speedreading walden. (that's what little books are for, right? :)
10 hours til i have to start worrying about monday's article deadlines.

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