Sunday, November 15, 2009

a laugh for jen

the finishing touches, such as they are, are on my brain head residing on the piano. i love adding things that make me laugh and think and relax to the house. and i love looking for new things to add (web and magazine window shopping) i like the real thing too, if the price is right. (read up to impossibly low, like 95% off. true story -- i have a beautiful pewter frame that i bought for 5cents at a liquidating retailer -- missing glass and box) my frugalosity inspires some ha ha's (my own included) but the truth is there are some things i want to splurge on -- my kids' education, our home library, our experiences, sharing with others, entertaining -- so the retail cost cutting has a purpose.

my cousin ron has a fabulous shop in town and i went a while back with some girlfriends to the store's anniversary celebration. i bought my infamous favorite for two seconds mug and a beautiful feather in blown glass ornament for this year's tree and helped jen pick out her fab cake pedestal and teresa her beautiful purple purse. lots of browsing and laughs too. (jen kept accusing me of trying to think of ways to hot glue gun branches together and paint them white to recreate their sweet dinner name card holders -- funny because i was.) and then i saw it -- marble cream scientific head -- brain words labelled -- only 39.95 -- a great deal if you have the need for visual interest for the living room or study. it felt like i did, but how to explain the passing up of the cake pedestal (almost a need) for the head (definitely wantish) so i went home with my smaller bag. a week or so later, i came across a plaster homemade head (wavy hair included ;) in the free bin (reserved for the especially ugly and unsellable) in front of one of my favorite thrift stores. i brought him home, painted him the same celery as my kitchen trim, and then he sat waiting for letters until my mom was throwing away a bunch of old stuff and i found rub-ons i remember my dad using (in the 80s ;) for his similar handmade craftiness. so here is the result. yeah, it's not even close, but i still love it -- because you guessed it -- it makes me smile and was unbelievably even cheaper than my beloved pewter frame
i'm off to read a big stack of books to my kindergartener and then fit in putting a few thoughts to paper. spiritual stuff cuz it's that kind of sunday.

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