Monday, November 02, 2009

in my dreams it's a lot easier

the writing life, in my dreams it's a lot of leisure and caffeine and introspective moments
the real version features caffeine (of necessity equal parts to pleasure) but fits in school fundraising, courtesy car securing, house tidying, early morning homework cramming, work deadlines, aspirations. ok, you get the picture. it's not that i want these things to disappear. i want to do them all. and

i know (because my dad reminds me if i forget) that all these things fuel my writing. i am never without an idea, because if i am, there are binders of ideas still to be put into words.
that said, there is a cramp in my neck, a messy little house to tend to, and a talk to put the finishing touches on for tommorow AM. i am sitting down right now. this is why i claim to be both a night (hang out with D on the couch and watch a movie) and morning (get up and get some work done before the interruptions start) person.

ok, taking a moment to squeal about today's finds -- more ribbon boards -- matching ones -- the little one for in the hall closet (so i can post inspiration to read when i'm looking for a towel) and a light one to contrast with my middle boy's dark one in his room. love where his and my style's intersect.

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