Saturday, November 28, 2009

in between the fun bits there are laundry mountains

i took this shot the other day on the way out the door to an early morning fieldtrip. i am not the sort of girl who needs to leave her house in order to do the next thing on her list(i used to try ;) ok, on some level i would like to (yes i realize this is an invitation to all those helpful suggestions for being more organized ;) but the truth is i conciously back burnered having the house completely under control so i could do all the things i want to (invest time in the kids, my writing, reading, D, my friends, work, house renos and even the cat ;) when something has to give, it might as well be laundry mountain. it will still be there when i get back (if a little more rumpled than before). today that same table is covered with much more cluttery craft supplies. off to run around the overhaul the house before the next thing on the list. i can always rest tommorow (woo-hoo, sunday :)


  1. Ha! And again I say we could definitely be buddies if we lived in the same country!!

    Three cheers for laundry piles! In fact, I should be folding one right now, instead of blogging . . .

  2. i usually always have laundry folded on the dining room table lol. and than run around in a panic when someone is coming over


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