Monday, November 30, 2009

i was right

those mini books have become a mini obsession. (who is surprised i would find another way to add more to my house? anyone? ;) sometimes you have a find in your head, but not an idea where to source it. i wanted a little bookcase to house those minibooks and found it at our school garage sale last weekend. the best part is... 21 more books to make it complete ;)
finally bit the bullet and joined twitter. (don't know what i was procrastinating for) see my "follow me" button down the right side.
off to get the kids off to school and get some words onto the page. happy Monday


  1. those are adorable Michelle. and i'm following you on Twitter now

  2. very fun mini books. and i'd follow you on twitter, except i never get on it. maybe someday...

  3. Anonymous11:02 PM

    Your little bookshelf reminded me of the two bookshelves we built out of old stair treads when we rebuilt the stairs and finished the basement on Hope River Rd. dad


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