Monday, November 09, 2009

i needed that sleep-in

(theirs, i mean, altho i did sneak a little mid morning nap myself) ah the luxury of the whole family's day off (but the eye twitching that is going on now, i tell you -- the boys are wrestling and yelling -- bouncing off the wall feels too tame a phrase ;)
a few more days of this -- their school tends to group proD days and the like into many convienient long weekends (oh so handy if you have a cabin to pop off too, if not, get the activity brainstorm flurry going ;) so the oldest played squash with his grandpa and the middle one went shopping for a new mp3 and the littlest one felt left out
while i tied together some fat red beads for this birdie perched on branches in front of the fire place (more stealth Christmas decorating) he made what looked like an advent calendar. turned out it was a "being good" chart (complete with money holding envelopes to fill) -- he was busy brainstorming too and has decided that he wants his mp3 version in red.

mmm hmmm

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  1. Melissa3:42 PM

    too funny with the being good chart, can't say he isn't inventive, smart and creative :)


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