Thursday, November 26, 2009

full fledged jingle

i was kidding about notes home from the teacher the other day, but now it came and slapped me and became real. aaagghh ;) parenting is for humble folk, i tell ya. on more pleasant jingle bell notes, today became the day to do part 1 of the Christmas decorating. had ultra crafty friend Christina T over for lunch today and we landed up harvesting my holly trees (turns out i have a girl and a boy one -- who knew?) after she left, i had a window of time between school pick-up and after school basketball games to wreath up the house (tip: use the long bendy holly -- it's so easy to manipulate into a layered circle -- this wreath doesn't even have a base and is held together with hemp twine) on other home freshening up news: the neighbours will be happy to see that i painted in the missing square of paint on the back of the house ;)
dinner's late to the table (even for us) and i think i might need to read extra to recharge for writing tommorow morning.

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  1. love the wreath! and it must have been the week for notes home from teachers. except ours involved 2 phone calls. grrrrr


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