Wednesday, November 18, 2009

BC is so weird

where else would it be furiously flurrying in the PM (my kids were screaming "snow day!" so loud and for so long it all melted) and then be sunny, trench and flats weather the next morning. oh well, that's my kind of climate -- the beauty of the snow without the scraping it off the car to get out the next day.

i'm having a writing blitz morning, a meeting this afternoon, and writing to follow. the coffee and music are on. you know i'm loving it.


  1. I was as excited as the boys at the thought of snow and the possiblility of a snow day, so I could finish my report cards, if only it snowed all night like it did the first 30mins. :)

  2. the snow was beautiful. and all the kids asked me this morning if we could call a snow day lol


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