Thursday, October 15, 2009

remind me not to sign up for any more subscriptions ;)

i had barely sent away for my newest subscription, when i realized i now have 3 fabulous magazines coming to my door this year :) (happy, but sheepish) i'm the girl with stacks under her table, the one who always sends her friends home with some (thanks ett, jen, and janette for also doing the same for me ;)and the one who will pick up old issues to rip inspiration out of, cluttering my bulletin boards and work spaces with decor must-dos, craft aspirations, and recipes to try. yes, i know it's not the most frugal medium in the world ($5-$10 [depending on the issue -- pregnancy magazines when i was in that stage were beyond ridiculous -- book-priced]) even now, i leave out post-its for myself that say 1 magazine = 5 thrift store hard covers, just to try and knock some sense into myself. but while they're still a write-off (a writer has to be familiar with a magazine to pitch ideas to it)i'm going to attempt to wait by the mailbox and not accumulate anymore otherwise (my friends are already laughing)


  1. I used to be a magazine junkie too! Now I only subscribe to Family Fun. I read last week that Cookie is folding so that may ease your guilt a bit?

  2. it makes me sad! why do the good mags always have to fold? i'm still mourning the losses of budget living and domino!

  3. I heard cookie was done. That's the magazine that replaced my domino! What's going on. I am a magazine junkie, get a ton of them, and friends share with me too. It's a great way to do it!


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