Saturday, October 24, 2009

people before things

it's such a basic concept. but why does it take effort to let go of caring about stuff? i wanna know. case in point -- my last-in-the-store 2 day old cutest-mug-ever. one of the kidlets accidentally broke it. i literally had to say the above titled mantra in my head a few times before saying, "it's ok"
i know, pathetic ;) well, the dimension of broken things can have my mug, but there better not be a way to lose my coffee stash. (safe in tins, check)

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  1. Hehe, That reminds me of when I first moved out. I went to MTF bought a really cut set of matching cups, and bowls etc. For a really decent price. I told Breton "be super careful with my dishes I don't want them broken." An hour later I smashed a plate and a cup off the side of my coffee table walking by. I almost started to cry, which then made me laugh realizing that it was just a couple of dishes. I was relieved that I hadn't dropped it on my sleeping baby who was in her snuggle seat not all that far away. It really is hard to let go of commercial attachments:P


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