Monday, October 05, 2009

on the menu today -- a little bit of slacker

sushi lunch with a girlfriend and starbucks to follow was a treat. then d decided he wanted chinese takeout for dinner. i was going to wrestle him to the ground and insist that we spread out our takeout consumption, but then i remembered -- i shouldn't brag about lunch to a hungry man and i was running behind on my chauffering the kids to activities schedule.
in another kind of overconsumption (but second hand is ok for the environment so that eases any space vs clutter guilt), i had just bought a purse from my friend cindy's etsy shop and then i ran across this one in an online swap (virtual garage sale) for only a few bucks. who could resist? (even if the realities of changing purses often means i have lots with reams of paper at the bottom ;)so if you see me with a cute bright green purse and an outfit it just doesn't match, pretend like i'm making a statement.
getting the kids up early (homework happens more successfully then)has been eating into my writing time. going to have to rethink my strategy tommorow.


  1. I can never resist a cute purse either! I like the green... it matches my kitchen.

  2. Great purse! I have a bag close to that color that I just love.

    Here's to making a statement!


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