Friday, October 23, 2009

i'm out of cellophane

what to do for your origami loving, sushi eating, almost nine year old's birthday party? (12 little boy invites, a couple hours on the weekend) well, if you're lucky, he will have conceptualized the theme himself and fine tuned it over the course of the previous year. it's going to be a kung fu extravaganza! the party bags started as mini take out boxes filled with candy (easy, adorable, efficient) and then i remembered i wanted to do labelled water bottles and then thought of something little to get silly with (this is the tech deck [the finger skateboards] crowd, remember? ;) and started sewing up these little ninjas. the littlest guys even helped (before they realized how long it was going to take to hand stitch and stuff and started to wander off ;) carson landed up seeing his through to completion. looking forward to seeing him have a good time (10+ ninjas -- what's not to love? ;)
now that i'm close to finishing the prep, time to write. i'm behind and blaming the kids' time off school.

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