Saturday, October 10, 2009

the dust has cleared

and there is a path to follow. after a few weeks of dayjob transition, kids' days off from school [read more entertaining than writing], and an absence of non fiction writing material, i am back with a schedule to follow this week. articles ready to go for the start of the week, fiction time blocked off on the calendar, and two thanksgiving dinners to start the week off. mmmm
the virtual garage sale i was talking about in my previous green purse post was fun enough as buyer, but now i've tried my hand at selling and it's fab! clearing out the clutter without having to actually hold a garage sale -- how much time does that save? :)
off to tidy house for d and my dinner party with friends tonight; set up the hall -- i'm on centerpiece duty so have to make a flower stop too -- for our big family thanksgiving dinner (60 head count -- my mom is from a family of 9 so lots of fab cousins to hang with -- my kids look forward to it every year); and then do the shopping to cover the bases so this week can be about that schedule i'm looking forward to and not a lot of little stops along the way. wish me luck :)


  1. Dare I ask if you made that divine looking slab of meat?

    and p.s., when you said I was a "craft book ready to happen" it pretty much made my week!


  2. i picked that one (recipe pick) because my roast looked similar, but my photography skills (and camera) are not THAT good ;)
    good, rebekah -- you deserve it. it'll happen -- wait and see. the step by step instructions are a great way to get a following


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