Wednesday, October 21, 2009

distracted midday

the day never goes how i think it will and this one was no different. my to do list is about the same length as it was this morning, but i treaded water in terms of the household chores, maybe even progressed a little in terms of decluttering. and then went right out and replaced that space with more stuff (you're right, i never learn ;)

this chalkboard was a "full of teahouse lunch" find. browsed the shops with cindy and rhonda and we are now blaming each other for the creative flurry that is following (read: no progress on any of the actual to-do lists)

pre my crafting -- this was a hunter green flower engraved calendar holder -- then i slapped some spackle on, sanded lightly for an imperfect look, and painted celery green and sanded again. it's currently making my hallway happy.


  1. It looks amazing! It's neat that you'll be able to change out the scrapbook page whenever the mood strikes. What's your distressing technique?

  2. it looks fabulous Michelle! i think you should come help me paint too ;)

  3. ha ha rhonda. you have to come here, big missing patches of paint where i get sick of painting and stop mid trim, wall, door...

    cindy, it's just sanding with a fine grain paper, i did it while the paint was in the tacky, almost dry stage, and just on the corners


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