Tuesday, October 20, 2009

cheap advice, stockpiling books, and the art of saying no

this is how i land up having such a long wishlist that turns into such a big library (ok, i skipped the step that while i am waiting/saving for my wishlist, i pick up cheap secondhand or clearance [love that Chapters] reads as well) it usually starts with an article, however. i love non-fiction almost to the same percentage as fiction (but it cannot be dry). most recently (i'd say a minute and a half ago ;) i read this quote at the tail end of a financial peptalk on not being overly generous to the detriment of others learning to deal with the real world.
i'd already loved "Without some struggle, people don't grow or learn." so true.
and then it happened.
author Spencer Sherman explained why it's so hard {exhausting, but always worth it for the right things} to say no to the kids:
"Saying no means you have to engage," he said. and then Liz Pulliam Weston went on to clarify: "which means dealing with your kid's response -- anger, disappointment, resentment or relentless appeals of your decision." so that's why it feels like the wringer ;)
the beauty of it is that kids move on to something else pretty quick (but i'm not promising you won't have to say no to that too ;) c'est la vie.
so now you know Sherman's book "the cure for money madness" is probably on my to-read list. thankfully Liz is still writing free for the reading articles on msn money.
so much writing fodder. gotta go make my lists. happy tuesday

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