Tuesday, September 01, 2009

walk this way

I'm the sort of girl who reads three books at once. I think it's because it fits in with the way I tackle the rest of my life (start one project, walk away, work on another, do something for the kids, remember project, work on it, do a chore) so what harm is there throwing a read (or three) into there? absolutely none, i tell you :) another benefit: treating books like integral parts of your to-do list means you can read more of them.

so back to reality (aka. D's weekend is over) love having him around (especially at the end of a long day when he looks at me stalling dinner prep and says "why don't we do chinese take-out?" um, OK! that would be fabulous. (plus instant lunch for him to take to work today -- hope he's been craving sweet and sour pork for a while and that it doesn't run out before lunch ;)

about those books i've been reading -- Malcom Gladwell's The Tipping Point, Kim Wong Keltner's The Dim Sum of All Things, and Anne Giardini's The Sad Truth about Happiness. (insightful, fun, and touching respectively)

if you'll excuse me i am off to distribute kiddie art supplies, do dishes, write, tidy up, read, repeat.

just like usual.
happy tuesday everyone

interesting online reading on what it takes to become un-homeless -- yes, it's obstacle ridden no matter who you are. (check out 24 year old redhead B's story as profiled in this video) again, this reminds me that our supportive families are our biggest resources. take time today to add someone without one to your network of people to love and support

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  1. I've been trying to get away from my fiction reading and tackle Tipping Point for over a year. Think I'll really have to try. It started great, just need to committ.


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