Monday, September 28, 2009

saturday night was one of those nights

my splurge group has been together for nearly half a decade. we think we'll morph into the red hat club when the time comes. (yes, i know i make people cringe all the time -- you'll just have to deal with my geekiness ;) saturday night we went to grouse mountain for dinner (gondola rides, checking out the wildlife, having dinner at altitudes, and laughing pretty much non-stop for hours) love those girls. (yeah, i mush on them too)
on the writing front: block of time for fiction, paper deadline to fill, and a submission plan to revamp. love my mondays


  1. What is a "splurge group" exactly, besides the obvious?

    Makes me happy to see you enjoying yourself with a rockin' group of friends. We don't get enough of that as mamas!

    Cute kitty, too . . .

  2. splurge group is 12 girls getting together every month and putting $ in a hat (ours is a cheapie $10) and taking turns "winning" the pot by draw, then using the $120 to splurge on something a girl usually wouldn't just for one's self. the month after winning, it's the winner's turn to host a theme night at her house (spa night, Wii night, NY glam, you get the idea ;)
    i love the idea so have hooked up 60 girls into similar groups and they're going strong too :)


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